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uLikeKorea develops AI-based “Covid-19 patch” system for those in self-isolation

최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 2일


Lee Jong-hwa, UPI News Korea uLikeKorea, an ICT company specializing in smart livestock health management, announced on May 27 that it had successfully developed a ‘Covid-19 patch system’ that can monitor symptoms in real time.

“There are over 5 million confirmed cases with over 300,000 deaths. This is very much an on-going situation. uLikeKorea used the Livecare technology which provides early detection of disease for livestock as a basis to develop the ‘Covid-19 patch system," said Kim Hee-jin, CEO of uLikeKorea.

uLikeKorea plans to provide the system on an emergency basis both domestically and internationally to assist the prevention of further spread of Covid-19. The system were developed based on artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The system also incorporated Livecare’s data analysis technology.

The system was made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and measures 5cm x 5cm; when attached to the chest, it can detect temperature, pulse, activity level and location in real-time.

In particular, the system analyzes Covid-19 patients’ health status that via AI that can continuously monitor coughs, abnormal temperature, and activity level. The system can connect through the latest telecommunication technology such as LoRa (Long Range), Cat M1, Sub-GHz and 3G/4G to collect the necessary data. The dedicated Covid-19 patch app and web program can provide information such as biometric data analysis, location monitoring, treatment history, temperature detection alarm to individuals, government agencies and regional health administration offices.

CEO Kim further commented that the Covid-19 patch monitoring system can monitor individuals who are subject to or require the 14-day quarantine, foreign individuals entering a country or anyone who requires such monitoring with his/her health condition and location for up to 4 months.

If an individual deviates from the designated quarantine area, an alarm is sent via mobile phone to take early action in preventing the further infection of Covid-19. The system can also provide additional bio-metric monitoring for individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 or people who completed the quarantine program to assist the development of effective treatment for Covid-19.

As of May 20, there are 35,583 people in quarantine and among these people, there were 5,148 domestic individuals in quarantine and 29,721 individuals from overseas.

Kim stated, “We intend to first provide the patch system domestically as soon as we obtain emergency approval from the government. In particular, we want to provide the patch system at no cost to domestic healthcare providers. We want to take advantage of the knowledge and know-how we built in analyzing over 500 million livestock bio data in helping to create a useful systematic database for human infectious diseases and prevention of such diseases.”

uLikeKorea currently is in strategic discussion with global IT conglomerate Softbank in entering the global market with the price range of around $30. uLikeKorea plans to enter markets that are experiencing high rate of infection such as the United States and Brazil.

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